TIME Magazine names Omotola Ekeinde, Beyonce, M. Obama amongst 100 most influential people in the world…

hmmm,Omotola Ekeinde is going places…Kemi Filani will get there too, soon, Amen!
magazine has released its annual list of the 100 most influential
people in the world, from artists and leaders to pioneers, titans and
icons and Omotola Ekeinde made it to the Icon list.
Here’s what TIME magazine wrote about Omotola.

The world’s most productive English-language film industry is not
Hollywood but Nollywood. Employing a million Nigerians, Nollywood
enthralls millions more who come for the thrills, the uplift and the
artful agitations of Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde — the Queen of Nollywood.

Called OmoSexy by her fans, she has made 300 or so features, from the
1996 Mortal Inheritance to the 2010 superproduction Ijé, shot partly on
location in Los Angeles. Married to an airline pilot, she wedded on a
flight from Lagos to Benin.

Jalade-Ekeinde brings a juggler’s grace to her roles as actress, singer,
reality-show star, mother of four and philanthropist (the Omotola Youth
Empowerment Programme).

Success hasn’t spoiled Africa’s most renowned leading lady. Rather than going Hollywood, Omotola wants to stay Nollywood.

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Nigeria’s 8 Most Over Exposed Celebrities

I kinda agree with this list but hey he skipped out Karen Igho...lolz, enjoy:
According to Segun Adekoye - "In this age, everyone has a Blackberry. Everyone has a blog. There are
over 5000 entertainment blogs in Nigeria. Everyone wants to break the
news but only a few get exclusive content so everyone copy-pastes
whether it is true or a lie. In this era, everyone is a celebrity. If
you hit the red carpet of events, and a hundred blogs can post your
pictures, same pictures and repeat that procedure 4 times in a month,
you are a celeb. You can make statements. Fashion statements. You can go
to Twitter and start a Tweet war. Dahz all.


“I can order N500 food and pay N50,000″ Davido speaks on his generosity


Big Boy Davido, the "omo baba olowo" himself!
In a recent interview,
Davido said:
always try to give anytime I see a chance to help or encourage people; I
can walk into any restaurant even though I am a star, order a plate of
food that is worth N500 and give the seller N50,000. That’s my way of
giving back to the society, that’s my way of encouraging the hustle of
fellow Nigerians.”
“I don’t do it for publicity, unlike the time I
gave N1m to a cancer patient , the media made it well known but it is
was not my intention to make it a media affair but due to the fact that I
am a celebrity, it goes out there.”
Awww, that's so cool!


PHOTOS: Olori Oko’s Samson Nnogo weds long time girlfriend…

Weddings here and there...You all remeber the Infinity group, one of their hit songs/videos was "Olori Oko' right?
Anyways, the group leader - the dude that soloes the Olori Oko song Samson Nnogo, traditionally wedded his longtime girlfriend, Chinyere Mordi last weekend, Saturday April 13th. 
Big congrats to them. See photos below:


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