Ruggedman Gets Abused Big Time On Twitter For Scolding ChannelsTv Reporters Over #MyOgaAtTheTop Interview


All sort of abuse have been thrown at Ruggedman today after he took to Twitter 5 hours ago to scold the ChannelsTv reporters for putting Commandant Shem through such an embarrassing moment.
In Ruggedman’s opinion: The unruly way the presenters handled the situation goes against modern journalism. And as an artiste, he’s highly disappointed at those presenters.
Read his tweets below and the nasty replies he got and let’s know if you agree with Ruggedman or his abusers.
Meanwhile, *chuckles* after tweeting his opinion on the #ogaatthetop matter, and the abuses started coming in, Ruggedman started tweeting links to his upcoming tours and music. RuggedyBaba wasn’t shaken at alllll.
Read more to read the tweets

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