Re-birthing The Nigerian History And Our Lost Culture – Asiri


Have you heard about ASIRI and FUCT?!…ok, ride on!Asiri/Fuct  (series of short films) is here to
unlock those secrets (cultural history) that’s been kept from us.

A project
created by Wildeye Media Koncepts, these short films will bring back the essence of the
cultural values and history of the Yoruba people all around the world. On the other hand, FUCT, which means
“free untamed cultured thoughts” is a complication of crazy and different
interpretations of our daily lives and happenings around us in a never-before-seen artistic way.

The first of the
book titled “What i see” is a 30 Page art book with
well written article and poems.

The book will be
available on download on  in
6 major languages  (English,french,German,Spanish,Portuguese and
The idea behind
this Project is to bring back the use of Art and Poetry back into the Nigeria
system. See video below:


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