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Mercy Johnson can ACT: Dumebi The Dirty Girl Movie Review

I am still laughing hard, choi..Mercy Johnson can ACT anything, I hail her!

I had always loved her, especially for her role in the movie “the heart of a fighter” but watching Dumebi the dirty girl (last night) made me love her the more.

The movie (Dumebi the dirty girl) was released in 2012 and truth be told
I wasn’t interested in watching cos the title isn’t exactly catchy but I
had to watch it after it earned Mercy Johnson an award at the AMVCA 2013
— I wanted to ease my curiosity of “why Mercy beat Funke Akindele” to
getting the award. So I sat back last night after obtaining a copy, and
watched the 70 (Part 0ne) + 70 minutes (part two) movies and I didn’t
regret it!

DTG (Dumebi the dirty girl) was directed by Tchidi Chikere and written by Chinedu Collins Ezenwa…starring Mercy Johnson, Kenneth Okonkwo and Nuella Njubuigbo (I love the way she acted too).
The movie chronicles the life of Dumebi (Mercy Johnson), a clumsy, dirty
(as the name implies), lazy and irresponsible girl, and her move from
the village to the city to be with the father of her child, Frank
(Kenneth Okonkwo).
The casting was ingenious with Mercy Johnson playing the part of the
ignorant village girl well, even though it appeared to be slightly
exaggerated at times. All the characters in the movie were colorful and
added a burst of life to the story. The harmony and cohesion between the
characters was palpable and gave a good flow to the movie.
As is the norm with most home videos in the Nigerian Movie industry, the
sound, lighting and continuity were less than satisfactory. The
prolonging of certain irrelevant scenes where nothing much was done made
it a bit tedious to watch, and seemed as if they tried too hard to
stretch it out into the two-part film and that weakened the already
porous storyline.
Despite all the minor glitches, the film is generally funny and will leave everyone who watches it in stitches…LOL! I particularly loved the morning after Dumebi was raped in her sleep, where she was asking a seller if he knew who tampered with her pant and the scene where she forgot her baby in the car (is it actually possible to forget one’s baby in real life?)…lolz, kudos to her!
I would recommend it to anyone looking for something to laugh about and
wile away time, it is not a movie to be taken too seriously.

Tireni Adebayo

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