Love Story With A Difference!!! Late pastor Bimbo Odukoya’s son Jimmy Odukoya weds his sweetheart

First son of late pastor Bimbo Odukoya of Fountain of Life, Jimmy
Odukoya who is also a pastor and a gospel hip hop artiste, married his sweetheart, Kemi Sade Banjoko today, March
9th 2013 at St. Mary’s Church, Church Path, Saffron Walden in the UK. A
private reception followed at the Quendon Hall, Quendon Park estate,
Saffron Walden. We wish them a happy married life!
Their love story: 

Jimmy: It was in 2011…wasn’t love at first sight. I hardly spoke to her. We were talking of
relationships and she said she has been single for four years and she
hasn’t seen what she is looking for…we really
had a very good conversation and I asked her to marry me jokingly
because my sister had just gotten engaged and I found out that

brother in-law, Olumide’s younger brother had just gotten engaged.
Everyone was engaged so I said why don’t we just get engaged. So I said,
take your time, I will give you five minutes to think about it and I
went downstairs to tell her aunty that I was going to marry her niece
jokingly and it’s funny how in reality it ended up being just that way.
Kemi: The first thing that struck me about Jimmy is that he is very kind…We talked for hours, day and night
for like three days straight. He would call me up like from 8.00pm and
we’d talk till 5.00am and we talked about everything and my uncle was
like who are you talking to in the middle of the night.

Jimmy: …One thing that struck me is that her love for God is real, is
genuine, she can adapt to any situation, she is also very flexible. I didn’t tell her at first that I was a pastor.
But the first time I told her, I actually just said to her: ‘by the way,
I am a pastor.’ There was this 30 seconds silence. She was just kind of
silent for a while.
Kemi: (Laughing) I was silent. I was thinking of all the things I had told him.

Jimmy Kemi Odukoya Wedding BellaNaija2How did you propose to her?
Jimmy: the first time I met her father and we had this ‘I will marry your
daughter conversation’ all he said was ‘my daughter?’ I had flown to
London to see her father and all he said was ‘my daughter’ and we had a
very good conversation. It was very interesting.
So, I planned to propose in December and
I had told my friend, Olumide, who would be my best man. I introduced
both of them on Skype and Olumide just told her: ‘look I don’t know what
you have done to my friend but he is planning to propose in December.’ I
was stunned. I actually did not believe he just told her so I decided
to propose in March and so I was actually looking for a way to go get a
ring that I had booked online.
It was difficult going because she was
always with me. I told her I was going for a meeting in church and when I
got there the ring was not actually what it looked like on the internet
and I spent another two hours looking for another ring and she kept
calling me, asking where I was.
So, I told her I would be home shortly
and she was suspecting something and when I got back to the hotel, I
walked into the bathroom and she went through my stuff and she didn’t
find anything and I am sure she was disappointed and she was eating
these jelly sweets and they were in different shapes and one of them was
ring shaped and so I said I am about to propose because she was getting
kind of upset so I moved closer and took one of the candy and asked her
if she would marry me. I was about putting the candy ring on her finger
and she said: ‘where is the ring?’ So I went to the mirror in the
bathroom and asked her to close her eyes, and when we got to the mirror I
asked her to open her eyes and pick the ring and she said she couldn’t
find the ring, then I asked her to look down and she looked down and saw
the ring so I told her to pick the ring, it’s yours, touch it and she
was quite shocked as she picked it because she didn’t expect it.
What do you think your mum would have said about her?
Jimmy: I think my mum would have actually loved her. I am sure she would
have actually given her so many nick names like kem-love, kem-darling
and all the kem-kem stuffs. My mum has always been interested in knowing
who I was dating and there was a time I was dating someone and it
seemed to be serious. I was schooling in America then and she was about
to fly her from America to London for a day just to see her.
Later on, when I came home for Christmas and my mum saw her, she said
she was not the one. My mum was always 100 percent right when it comes
to anything that has to do with relationships. But seriously she would
have loved her, her attitude, her personality and, sure, she would have
been all over her.
What did your father think about her?
Jimmy: He is this kind of person that sits back and watches and he then
makes his decision. When I first told him that I have found the one I
wanted to marry and that I had bought the ring, he said ‘okay, no
problem’. There was a time he didn’t go for ministration or travel
anywhere and he asked her to come so he would meet her and they had some
serious conversations.
I remembered my first meeting with her father; her dad didn’t even smile
with me. The second time he didn’t smile at me. The third time, maybe a
half smile, but here she was meeting my dad for the first time and they
were eating, laughing and having a nice conversation. It wasn’t fair.
My dad really likes her and he said she is the one. If he didn’t support
we won’t probably be here by now.
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