How 2face/Annie Idibia Spent N130Million On Their Trad Wedding (Exclusive Details)

New findings reveal that N130million was actually spent on 2face and Annie Idibia’s traditional wedding ceremony which held in Eket, Akwa Ibom on March 8, not to talk of the MAIN wedding taking place in Dubai soon. 
Starting with the wedding invitation cards – the IVs were specially designed and printed in gold coloured sleeve. Event planners say the production would averagely cost N1m. 

2face’s Bachelor’s Eve party which held at the De Javu night club on the night before the wedding gulped N2Million, see how –> All sorts of drinks were brought out for the party – ranging from non-alcoholic, alcoholic spirits, wine and more. Those who attended say the gig which was sponsored by the state governor Godswill Akpabio could not have cost anything less than N2m.

The couple’s wedding attire was another highlight of the day – 2face’s customized cap, George wrapper, long sleeve top and beads, a stylist says would fall between N300k and N400k. And that also goes for the best man’s attire plus the all the friends of the groom. Annie’s attire including jewellery ‘would  cost nearly two times as much as her groom’s, a close source disclosed. Other family members, friends and guests also donned purpose-made traditional attires. Those familiar with Eket fashion say the glamorous attires must have cost up to  N2m
The Apostolic High School, where the wedding was held was totally transformed into something else – breaths were taken away with the red-themed colourful designs, decorated with bamboo and cane chairs. An event planner says all that would cost close to N10m to put together, including the cost for music and other side attractions (And were there many!)

Food and refreshment at the ceremony: Trust, there was a lot to eat, drink and make merry with, we are talking three course meals, ‘small chops’, all sort of drinks ranging from soda to spirits. The groom had to also provide ‘special money’ for the bride’s family to cook 20 different delicacies. Hennessy Nigeria also flew in staff and at least one  bar. It’s okay to put all these at N6m?

The bride price: Depending on the agreement reached by the families, it would vary from N50k – N500k – this, according to Eket indigenes.
Ceremonial gifts: This ranges from traditional attires for the parents, eldest son and daughter, two goats, tubers of yam, alcohol, rolls of cigarette, more crates of beer, bag of salt and monetary gifts to different  youths groups and women in the community. Total cost – N3m
there was the cost of transportation. Close to a hundred people made
their way to Eket Community from different parts of the country
(although most came from Lagos and Abuja).  After wedding organizers
failed to secure a deal with an airline company to fly in guests,
everyone was billed standard rates – that price hangs around N4m
(covering cost of air and land travels. The couple did not foot the
entire bill for this as most guests financed their own trips)
Hotel accommodation and feeding at the Villa Marina and
other guest houses also gulped a lot of money. Multiple hotels were
used to accommodate the bride’s and groom’s friends for several nights
(at least four days for close family and friends, and one night for
those who came in the night before). We’ve been told about N8m went into
The Godswill Akpabio connection: The Akwa Ibom State’s Governor presented the couple with wedding gifts – two Toyota Prado Jeeps (N14.5m each). There was also multiple cash gifts to the couple and their friends, following a lavish dinner at the governor’s residence. We reliably gathered the total cash expenditure from the governor is over  N50m.
The Governor has also promised to sponsor a 20 man delegation to represent the state at the March 22/23 Dubai white wedding, cost for flight tickets, feeding and accommodation could be  up to N10m or more.
And he best part is —> the upcoming Dubai white wedding will gulp even more. To hold aboard a Yacht which has already been booked, it has been exclusively disclosed that the couple plan to treat guests (many of who will fly in from Lagos) to the most sophisticated and classy music industry wedding ever on March 22 and 23.
Traditional Marriage Items
1. Bride price varies between N50,000 to N500,000 depending on the agreement reached by the families.
2. Traditional attires for the parents (including singlets, underwears, shoes, headties, caps, staffs, etc).
3. Buy the same for eldest sister and eldest brother of the bride.
4. Attires for grandparents
5. One goat for the family.
6. If the girl is pregnant or has already given birth, the family will require what is called an ‘insult goat’.(Annie already has a baby for 2face and some speculate she may be pregnant with her second)
7. The mother will also be presented a goat, tubers of yam.
8. The father will require an agreed quantity of alcohol (gins, beers, palm wine, etc).
9. Youths in the village-N5,000, rolls of cigarettes, crates of beer, gins, palm wine.
10. Women in the village- N5,000, bag of salt, tubers of yam.
11. Young girls in the village- N5,000, crates of drinks.
12. Special money for food (Udia Ibene) – used for the cooking of various assorted local delicacies for the guests.
13. Money for traditional entertainment
In conclusion, why should they squander spend such an amount on a wedding, a trad wedding for that matter…when they could at least impact lives, give to the orphans etc and do something much more relevant…okbye!
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