Hehe! National identity number and 666 mark of the beast!!!

NIGERIAN Identity Management Commission, NIMC, has dismissed fears that the ongoing electronic identification of Nigerians, was a gradual fulfillment of the Biblical 666 mark of the beast.   The Director of Information and Technology of the Commission, Alhaji Aliyu Aziz, explained that there was no correlation between the ID programme and the Biblical 666 mark of the beast, noting that the exercise will not replace the periodic national census exercise. He said the new identification number will supersede the former national identity card issued to Nigerians. But wait oh…Mark of the beast! Really? I’m surprised in this age and time in
the year 2013, Nigerians are still shallow minded! Nigerians
need to be forward thinking and not looking for ways to sabotage the efforts of
the government….#okbye!

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Reasons Why “My Oga At The Top” Jokes Must Stop

744629395When a certain Nigeria Civil Defence Corp bigwig appeared on Channels
Television some days back, a tsunami of various kind of jokes swept the
entire airwaves and social media on how the guess kept on referring to
his boss several times as "my oga at the top" and how the man basically
doesn't know his organizations website address.
People of all ages
and class had various Display Pictures on their Blackberry Phones,
Twitter, Facebook and other social networking websites.
The mistake we all are making
is we aren't concerned if the man was able to give substantial answers
to vital questions thrown to him, example is clearing the air of the
allegations made by the public that the agency is...


Ouch!! Policeman Beats Tenant With Hammer In Lagos

Oh dear!

A photographer at the Eti-Osa Local Government, Lagos, Bolaji Madamidola,
was allegedly beaten to a coma by a policeman during a demolition exercise in
Ikoyi area of the state last Wednesday. 
 The victim is an occupant of a building which formerly belonged to a
former Managing Director of Oceanic Bank plc, Cecilia Ibru but the building had
been acquired by Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria and sold off to
another individual.
So, some policemen stormed the building to eject the occupants out,
Madamidola while trying to salvage some of his property was allegedly beaten up
by one of the...

It’s A Big Whale!!! Lagosians butcher Whale washed up on Lekki Beach

shark washed up Mar 13
Yesterday, this pygmy sperm whale was
washed up on the beach in Lekki in Lagos and sadly, our people did not
give one thought to conservation or ask themselves or the oga at the top *winks* if it was an
endangered specie. they took their knives to it and butchered it for a
feast....smh! So technically what they did (poaching) is punishable under international law!

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