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The Fraud That Is Airtel Nigeria!

this was sent in from a reader…and I kinda agree because I use Airtel too – and
their internet service has been so poor…yet they claim ‘Fast Is An Attitude’ in
their advertisements…all FRAUD!
I want
to draw the attention of the good people of Nigeria and the general public to
the fraudulent and dishonorable activities of the telecommunications service

On January 31, 2013, I subscribed for the night plan internet data bundle which
gives me 3 gigabyte worth of data to access the internet for the period of 30
days. The inutile and borderline service of the Airtel internet (which they
claim is on the 3.75G network) however requires subscribing to the services of
the superior Etisalat mobile internet service which I use all round the clock.
Moving on….

On February 14, 2013 (being Valentine’s day; a day to show and
share love), AIRTEL NIGERIA unapologetically wiped off my data balance of 2.2
gigabyte and subsequently sent a message that I’m not subscribed to any data
bundle. Several calls were made to the customer care helpline of AIRTEL NIGERIA
and they promised rectifying the issue within 24 HOURS. This didn’t happen
until February 18, 2013. 1015MB of data was restored as against my balance of
2.2 gigabyte that was wiped off! Furthermore, AIRTEL NIGERIA didn’t deem it fit
to apologize, let alone compensate me for the days wasted by extending the validity
period. Half of my data balance was restored with the initial validity period.

This negligence and delinquency is repulsive and shameful to the corporate
existence of AIRTEL NIGERIA. This fraud must have happened to many Nigerians
around the country but I’m speaking up for those who have been oppressed and
have accepted it as their fate. Nigerians deserve MORE THAN THIS! We should
enjoy the services we pay for. This is not really about the rustled gigabyte;
this is about organizations operating in Nigeria respecting the rights of
Nigerians and be socially and corporately responsible to their
customers/clients. Nigerians should be aware of this injustice and it should be
frowned at.

I hereby make this public request to AIRTEL NIGERIA to be socially and
corporately responsible and restore my data balance of 1 gigabyte and extend
the validity period to compensate me for the days wasted. One would have
thought this to be logical to an organization that is responsible and
interested in customer satisfaction, which against all doubt AIRTEL NIGERIA is
Have you ever had such experiences, please feel free to share at the comment section….

Tireni Adebayo

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