So Davido Actually bought ‘Gobe’ For 500k…

So Davido‘s new single ‘Gobe‘ which he officially released yesterday – and also trending on the social media is not his original song?!
According to NET, “Hours after the release, another version
quite similar to the pop star’s surfaced online – apparently the same song also titled ‘Gobe‘ was released a year ago by an upcoming singer-producer named Password.”
Dude sold the song to Davido for N500,000.. He produced and wrote it, all of a sudden they are saying Shizzi produced it‘, a studio rat and close friend to Password REVEALED.

Both parties have not been responsive to
queries over the matter but after numerous comments were made on music
blogs and social networks Twitter and Facebook about the stunning
similarities between the songs, Davido and Password are now very vocal
on Twitter about the matter.
They noticed people had found out, it’s like Password didn’t tell Davido that he had released the song before he sold it
Davido was smart enough play along. This afternoon, he tweeted; Big ups 2 @iamshizzi and @iam_password for such a great combination of work for GOBE! More stuff 2 come HKN!
Password was also very co-operative as he also tweeted in support; The
song Gobe was officially replaced by @iam_davido hu co-wrote on d new
version and I @iam-password is very happy and satisfied.

See video of Gobe below:

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