Remix video: D’Prince’s releases a CLEAN edition of ‘Take banana’ video

Lat week I published that D’Prince’s ‘Take Banana’ had been yanked off YOUTUBE…well, YOUTUBE management reconsidered their initial action and replaced the video.

The ‘Take banana‘ video which was recently yanked off popular video sharing site YouTube is now back but it has been replaced with a ‘clean version’.
The new video which was posted on YouTube on February 13, 2013 is clearly different from the one slammed by  NBC  and Youtube. There are less provocative scenes, with D’Prince humorously opening with some interesting ‘Benefits of Bananas’:

1. They boost brain power

2. They promote healthy bones
3. They reduce depression
4. They enhance vision…always take banana…I kinda like the new video sha…watch below
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Valentine Special: Best Six Celebrity Couples In Nigeria Today

Yayy! The much talked day is finally here - it's Valentine day...make some noise people - happy lover's day!
 To us, Valentine is a day specifically set aside to celebrate LOVE,
celebrate how strong(er) your LOVE has made you grown and how you have
surpassed all tides - yeah the ups and downs of relationship.
As part of the valentine special package that we have put in place, we
have decided to celebrate six celebrity couples because they are almost
flawless. Huh? Yeah, don't get us wrong, nobody is perfect but these six
couples have over the years proven their love - they are icons in the
industry of love!
Fasten up your seat belts as we embark on the celebration of our top six celebrity couple!
Olu and Joke Jacobs: Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva grew in acting...

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