Goldie’s Last Moment: She was showering and then asked to speak to her dad and…”

Goldie's Last Moment

It is with a heavy heart that I write this…it’s so so so sad!

When I heard the news last night, I found it so hard to believe because she was so full of joy and life that day (Valentine’s day).

She came back from USA with Kenny Ogungbe from the Grammys bubbling in high spirit. She got home and was talking of her experiences abroad with excitement…and then she decided to go and have a shower…she started feeling uneasy in the toilet…and asked her younger brother (who was staying with her) to make a call to her dad…while having her last words with her father, she went into a coma…and she never opened her eyes again! And to think that she only recently “promised her dad that she would release a gospel album in prase and worship of God”.
We will miss you dearly Goldie, we will! Rest in peace….


It is not a sin to own a private jet – Prophet Abiara

CAC's Prophet Abiara says it is not a sin to own a private jet!
Popular Man of God and the General Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic
Church (CAC), Prophet Kayode Abiara has said that the controversy
trailing the acquisition of private jets by clerics in the country was
immaterial, saying that it is not a sin to accept gifts.

According to him, “If I am given an aircraft as a gift, I cannot reject it,” Abiara avowed.

The cleric said this while speaking on the church’s planned prayer
session billed for Odo Owa, Kwara State on Wed-Friday next week .

He maintained that those who have been condemning the purported
extravagant lifestyle of some Christian leaders in the country were
spiritually blind to the scriptures.

He said, “Christians need to understand that the scripture supports
receiving gifts. Having a jet or a...


Truck crushes 15-year-old pupil while on teacher’s errand

Tragedy struck in front of Lafenwa
Comprehensive High School, Ota, Ogun State, last Thursday, when a
15-year-old pupil, Miss Kemi Obanla, was crushed to death by a truck
driver. The accident happened on
Ahmaddiya Road, Ota.
Kemi was killed while running errands for her class teacher who had asked her (Kemi) to go and buy cooked ‘ofada’ rice for her around 10am on the day.
Eyewitnesses disclosed that the SS1 pupil was knocked down by a truck while crossing the road.
Kemi died while she was being rushed to the hospital.Kemi
 “The girl was knocked down when she was
crossing the road. After hitting her, the driver of the vehicle
attempted to escape but the youths around apprehended him.

Goldie Harvey Lived Well + How She Died – Kenny Ogungbe

Yeah, I'm sure by now that you must have all heard about her 'shocking and sad death'...She had a heart of gold and was so full of life! She was recently answering questions from fans on all there is to know about her on twitter....
She passed on yester evening (Valentine's day) shortly after she arrived from Los angeles where she attended the Grammy Awards. 
According to sources from Reddington hospital, where Goldie died last night, the likely cause of her sudden death is pulmonary embolism.
Namdi Nwabasili, who is an On-air personalitywith COOL FM, was at the hospital, a few hours after the news of
Goldie’s death started spreading, and posted these tweets from his handle,
“Now at Reddington with @Joycecoolfm
“Please lord have Mercy! This is Real!
“Goldie we love...

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