I wanted to become a mechanical engineer but it was too mechanical for me because…” – D’banj’s Most Hilarious Interview

So I was watching a Flashback interview on MTVbase last night and the interviewee was D’banj. All throught the 15minutes interview session, D’banj distinctively carried the viewers along with his funny answers.

 When asked about his love for Music for instance, the kokomaster said “Music chose me…I was jejeli sitting down and eating pounded yam when it chose
me….You see, I started in the church choir but over time, I found my levels”
Speaking on why he quit school, D’banj said “I actually started studying mechanical engineering but I couldn’t finish because it was too mechanical for
me…Music was so easy for me, it didn’t require me banging my head”

He disclosed how he was sent to Nigerian military school at age 11 and was expected to
enter the military like his father, but at 14 he picked up a weapon
of different kind and altogether more peaceful; the harmonica. He was
introduced to this instrument by his late elder brother, Femi Oyebanjo
who tragically died in a plane crash at age 17 on his way en route Lagos
from Nigerian Military School, Zaria.
His brother’s harmonica was one of
his possessions recovered after the incidence and D’BANJ started to
cherish it. His incredible harmonica skills are self taught; he says, “I
play the harmonica like it was built for me”.
When asked to mention kokolets in the music industry, the kokomaster said “Beyonce is not a kokolet but a babylet…” He further said “doing a song with Rihanna is what
I look forward to…it would be crazy mehn”

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