4year-old Boy Shoots Himself Dead With Father’s Gun; He Didn’t Know Was Real


This is so sad…A 4-year-old boy Jamarcus Allen shot himself dead with his father’s gun in Ohio yesterday.
Jamarcus Allen, remembered as an energetic boy who loved superheroes
like Spider-man and Batman, first found his father Terrance’s pistol
last week.

The gun was usually hidden in the bathroom of their family home but
Jamarcus’s older brother Tyree, 18, discovered Jamarcus playing with it.

When their mum heard, she scolded her youngest son and ordered her husband to get rid of the weapon.
However, it appears her husband didn’t and the curious 4-year-old
got hold of the same weapon again while traveling in his father’s car
yesterday morning.
The pair were returning from dropping off Tyree at school when it appears Jamarcus accidentally shot himself in the head.

Witnesses told the local paper a single bullet hole was visible in
the car roof above the passenger seat as well as a pool of blood in the
Jamarcus was rushed to Akron Children’s Hospital but died of his injuries. 
48-year-old Jamarcus’s dad Allen has now been charged with
involuntary manslaughter, felony child endangering, having weapons under
disability and tampering with evidence.
While his mum is going crazy wondering how and what happened to her lil baby.
Serves Mr Allen right, abi? How could he take keeping the gun away from where kids will reach it for granted?!!
Culled from DailyMail

Source: kemifilani.ng


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