Wow! 8 year old girl wins Nigeria’s Got Talent…gets the N10M

Wow! The winner of the first-ever Nigeria’s Got Talent has emerged! Her name is Amarachi Uyanne and she’s just eight years old!!

Amarachi, a dancer from Benin City, Edo State, was crowned winner in front of a studio audience today, at the grand finale held at Bamako Studios, Ikeja, Lagos.

Amarachi who turned eight in July is the youngest contestant on the competition. After being screened from 10 to six, to four and then a final three, Amarachi was tonight announced winner by the show’s host Andre Blaze.
I didn’t exactly follow the NGT show but the few times that I watched it, the contestants always wowed me. I remember watching Amarachi do a ballet mixed with the popular ‘etighi’ dance, it was pretty cool!
The Judges Kate Henshaw, Dan Foster, Yibo Koko all seemed pleased with the result.
Congratz Amarachi as you walk away with a cash prize of N10m, amongst other prizes.


JMartins and Goldie in Coldwar over video shooting

This story is kinda funny to me...
All Knowing Blogger, Linda Ikeji has disclosed that Renowned musicians Goldie and JMartins are currently engaged in a cold war, following the video shooting of the song they both did 'Give it to me'.
This was how it started; Goldie had invited J Martins to South Africa in November to appear in the video of the 'Give it to me song'.
While embarking on his flight, J Martins asked for business class but Goldie said she couldn't afford it.
When J Martins finally got to the airport, he was shocked to find that Goldie hadn't come to welcome him so he refused to follow the man Goldie sent to the airport to pick him up. He refused with claims that he didn't want to be kidnapped!
Anyways, they sorted that out but then again, J Martins refused to...

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