Movie Review: Tunde Kelani’s ‘Maami”

This week’s Movie Review was done by Amarachukwu Iwala and the movie reviewed is Nollywood’s “Maami”. Maami was produced and Directed by Tunde Kelani (I respect that man, his movies are great and teaches one or two lessons)…The major cast in the movie include Funke
Akindele, Ayomide Abati, Wale Ojo and Tamilore Kuboye. Enjoy the review…
 Ebunola (the Maami, played by Funke Akindele)
struggles to train her son, Kashimawo, having left her occultic husband; who
allegedly used her other son for money-making rituals. She tells lies and
begs, often embarrassing her young son. 
Kashi grows up, becomes a professional
footballer for Arsenal, the English premiership side; but keeps the football
federation guessing as to whether he will play for his fatherland or not.
 Perhaps, owing to the hardship he faced as a little child, he has a heart
for the less privileged.
In Maami,
Funke Akindele shows that her role as Jenifa (in Jenifa and its sequels) was
not a chance occurrence.
Ayomide Abati is
quite a good singer/actor and his reading skills are excellent.  
The film
also heightened verisimilitude by showcasing the streets of Lagos as well as
using LTV 8 and EKO FM as broadcast media.  Again, its showcase of Lagos
is done with some subtlety unlike its blatant display in The Return of
.  It is great that Lagos State is pioneering the use of movies
for a much-needed rebranding. There were several
funny moments in Maami

 It was good the relationship between
Kashi and Dolapo was kept professional.  The scene, where Kashi asserted
his authority said so much.
Conversely, what a
poor actress the lady, whose table was upturned in the market is!  Was she
laughing or crying? How did the two men, who were waiting for their wives in
the market, see Maami, skinning the bones?  They were not within eyesight
as was noticed when they were approaching her.
At 23, how come
Kashi, a rich, successful footballer; was not linked to any lady?  Given
the fact that he always wanted things done within the bounds of propriety, one
did not expect to see a bevy of girls, but had expected to see
his girlfriend or, at least, a mention of her.
The sports show on
LTV 8 was too long.  If it was exciting, maybe the length might not have
been a problem.Then, Kashi made a grammatical error when he said: ’I know
you are wondering ‘who am I’ instead of ‘who I am’.
Who was Dolapo
beyond Kashi’s Personal Assistant? As one of the supporting actors, one
would have had expected she would have her own story, even if this story
was captured in the dialogue.
There was a
disturbing inconsistency with Kashi’s character. Despite his age and the
deprivation he faced, young Kashi cringed when his mother behaved
dishonestly. As a professional footballer, he declined to play for his
fatherland simply because he thought the home-based players should be given a
chance.  So, how come he took a life, wittingly?
Obviously, Tunde
Kelani, the award-winning Director of Oleku, Saworoide and Thunderbolt
(films with excellent twists and turns) should have opted for a better
adaptation of Maami, the novel by Femi Osofisan…

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