Quotes from Tonight’s Presidential Media chat

Hi dearies! President Jonathan appeared calm and composed at this evening’s media chat. He didn’t stammer like he did in the last media chat that held months ago. Anyway, for those of you that missed it, these are the major things he said:
1. 4years is too small to make an impact, the media should give me time pls…I dont want to distract membrs of my cabinet”
2. Nigerians should bear with us on the oil issue
3. On Jobs, we are workg very hard. You cannot get jobs overnyt, we r coming up with programs like #SURE #YOUWIN to develop people.
4. Our farmers are getting old. We need farmers from the youths…we are working on commercializing farming
5.Poverty reduction is not my principle…I deal wt wealth creation…reducing poverty is nothing
6. Nigeria has a bright future, we only have security challenges especially the boko haram for now
7. We don’t sleep because we are working hard to move this nation forward
8. There is no ongoing dialogue between the govt and the boko haram. We don’t have anybody to discuss with because we don’t knw who they are
9. I even eat two times a day, breakfast and dinner; and the food I eat is not very expensive
10. Before the middle of next year, we would have stable electricity in Nigeria
11. The “future is bright” and I promise that Nigerians will see my work by 29 May 2015, d end of my tenure 12. We have set up a committee to identify why none of our universities are among d top 100 in d world
13. Negative things always interest people instead of the good things we are doing
14. GEJ says his wife is fine. Confirms that she was ill, received treatment and is now okay. Fails to state ailment
15. We will leave something behind by the time we are through with our tenure

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Tireni Adebayo

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