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Movie Review: Twilight Breaking Dawn 2

The long awaited movie ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2″ is finally out in the cinemas. Breaking Dawn 2 is the fifth and final part of the popular and well loved movie ‘Twilight’.
I am a fan of ‘Twilight’ but trust me when I say ‘Breaking Dawn 2’ fell-a-little-way-down beyond my expectation.
The movie starts with Bella (Kristen Stewart) embracing the new lifestyle of being a vampire (you will recall that she was turned over by Edward when she almost died while giving birth to their baby)…rather than embracing motherhood!
She turns out to be a faster, stronger and hungrier vampier, plus she even fought and killed a Tiger with her bare hands!

Anyways, the new family, Cullens (Bella, Edward and Renesmee (daughter)) soon move  to their new home and things turn out fine until they find that the Volturi (a clan of vampire lawkeepers) is after them.
The Volturi is after them because they are convinced that Bella’s daughter is an immortal child and therefore must be killed.
Bella and Edward decide to gather their forces to fight the Volturi too, and thus the big fight!!!
Forces of different kinds and powers, wolves and strange beings with special powers all joins hands to help the Cullens fight the Volturi. Oh, Did I mention that Jacob (the wolf man) is now a close ally of the Cullens and he is obsessed with little Renesmee.
The climax of the movie is the big fight…wow, you all need to see that, it ended in a surprisingly gory finale! It got us all screaming and ‘wowing’.
All through the movie, Bella and Edward murmured most of their lines softly to each other so their voices were barely slightly audible; I had to strain my ears to hear them well. Little Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy) was pretty cool too even though all she ever did in the movie was to touch faces with her palm to convince them that she wasn’t an immortal child.
Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 was directed by Bill Condon and oh yes…this is the last part of the twilight movie (an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s book series ‘Twilight)…hopefully!
See the movie trailer below:

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