General Buhari’s first daughter is dead!!!

Awwww, she was a pretty woman.
Zulai, the first daughter of
Nigeria’s former Military Head of State and a former presidential candidate,
Muhammad Buhari, is dead. 
 She died, Thursday evening, after
delivering a baby in Nasara Hospital,Marafa Estate in Kaduna. Zulai was a
graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, ABU.
Funeral prayers (Fidau) will hold
today in Kaduna State.
She was born December 5, 1972 (40
years) and had battle with sickle cell anaemia.
She left behind her husband, retired
military Captain Mahmud Junaid and three kids (two girls and one boy),
including her new baby.
Until her death, she was a staff of
National Steel Raw Material Exploration Agency and an alumnus of Ahmedu Bello
University (ABU), Zaria.
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