Wickedness: Another victim burnt to death for stealing a Necklace in Warri


Days after the infamous lynching
and gruesome murder of the four students at Aluu community in Port
Harcourt, rivers state; another supposed thief has been burnt alive in Warri, Delta

The man
was burnt alive for stealing a neck chain in one of the popular markets. The
people who caught him felt the best way to go about the issue was by burning
him to death. 

lynching and the faces of the murderers were shown in the video released earlier today but You Tube has pulled it down for security reasons. 
The video has been disabled due to graphic content. 
It’s a
shame what is happening to Nigeria

Seriously, it is high time this barbaric action is put to a stop.

I know
some people would say this is the best way to go about issues like this, but then again we are
humans and not barbaric; besides there’s
a reason why we have the police and the law. 

This is not fair, it is not!

To see video, check here

Source: kemifilani.ng


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