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NNPC Aptitude Test Format 2012

Six weeks
registration have come and gone,  and now you are wondering what the NNPC test be like? You don’t have to be worried because Dekoko has made
a thorough research and come up with the NNPC Aptitude Test Format 2012
for you to be equipped and ready for the big test.

The Test
is made up of two 2 sections, the General and the Skill Section.

1. General
Apt test of 120 questions comprising of 4 different parts.
PART A: Questions 1-30:In GMAT 2005, pges 298-314. In GMAT 2006, pages 350-354,

English tests. Questions 31-60: In GMAT 2005, pages 101-116 and covers
questions 6-9, 23-26, 40-43, 57-60, 74-77. In GMAT 2006, pages 225-227.

Mathematics. Questions 61-90: IN GMAT 2005, pages 118-145 and please study all
questions to know the concept in order to approach similar ones. In GMAT 2006,
pages 1-62 and please you dont have to study hard on these but do because you
can’t tell, they may decide to change the format.

Shapes (folding up of unfolded and painted shapes). Questions 91-120: In GMAT
2005, pages 325-329.

2. Skill
Test, SCIENCE which is for both engineering and science. It covers the
information below.
Bouyancy, Local losses, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Waves, Linear measuring
scale, Forces that act on fluids at rest, Fluid calculations involving average
velocity, Change in Momentum, Direction of flows :streamline, Adiabatic and
reversible processes, Rate feed back control actions, Advantages of Polyphase
systems over single phase, Converging and Diverging nuzzles, Compressible fluid
flows, Thermal resistance of Insulators, Prevenion of Corossion, Properties of
Materials, Requirements 4 precipitation/ hardening in metal system, Quarter
wave, Phase shift: keying data transmission difference, Isentropic flow, Size
determination of packed towers, Pyrometallurgical process, What Corossion
fatigue depends on?, Basic assumptions of economics of engineering production,
Creep, Speed of a DC motor is controlled by?, Differential calculus, Rotary
type positive displacement compressor, Ideal outlet velocity of stream from a
nuzzle, Enthalpy calculation, Inductance, Reaction sequence, Intrinsic
stoichiometric ratio and questions like:
—A branching step consist of a reaction of a relatively stable intermediate
known as…?
—The decimal equivalent of a hexadecimal number 3AD is?

I will
advise you all to go through your O’Level Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics
again and don”t forget that GMAT is definitely your guide in preparing for the

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