Yayyyyyy…Guess what?!

Yayyy! Hip, Hip, Hip, Jooray!!! So, a fellow blogger and a colleague of mine celebrated her birthday this week…it was actually on Monday (yeah, I’m probably the last person wishing her a ‘happie birthday’ but sometimes, it’s fun being the last to wish a special person a happy birthday…it shows how much U truly love and appreciate the celebrant *winks*)..lolz!

 Her name is Oluchi Uwaj and she runs her blog here. You see, Oluchi is an amazing (to an extent, sometimes she can be troublesome) young lady who loves to be described as “a socialist…half godess, half woman and CEO of i dey para records and couture“.
She is fun to be with and is really cute. I say she is cute because she looks far younger than her age…hey, I’m sorry but I can’t disclose her age here. lolz. See pictures here…

Birthday Gal and a friend (Aren’t they cute)
Birthday Gal and two other friends
Check out the cake(s)…me likey

 More pictures to come…

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Ladies, is it better to be single and be happy?!!

A woman was complaining a while
ago saying “I miss my single days, I miss those days when I don’t have to go to
the kitchen to cook, the days when I would get home when I like and hang out
with whomever I want to hang out with…the days when I…”
I realized that she wasn't happy with her marriage! 

 So, I wondered "is it that married women are not as happy as the single women or
vice versa?!" Well, I did my little research and I found that 90% of ladies that get married to men that do not love them as much more as they love them (that is, when the love ratio is 30/70, 20/80, 10/90) end up being unhappy in their marriages. The...
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