Why on Earth would a Lady do this? A Girl I just met asked for…


 I live in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
That morning, I met this chick on the bus. We got talking; she was so nice
and interesting that we actually chatted all through our stay in that bus.
Cos I fancied her, I collected her number and promised to give her a
call later in the evening.
So, after the day’s hustles, that evening, even before I called her, that chic
called me.
I was a bit surprised ‘cos I thought she would play hard to get like
some other PH babes.

And to add to my surprise, she called me and was telling how she and her
friend had gone in search of a new accommodation.
That they only have 70k for an accommodation that costs over 100k.
And now she wants me to help her with about 40k to make up for the accommodation
cost and some other expenses.
Fear catch me! I never even kiss this girl and she’s already taking me
for a cheap mugu.

Now what I was wondering is:  are there still Mugus that fall for such
cheap scam?
Even if she was saying the truth, am I the right person to ask at such a time?
Someone you just met in a bus just some few hrs back. Na wa o!!
Some ladies no get shame sha, lolz!

Source: kemifilani.ng


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