Review of the week: Is Nollywood embracing Quality?

Do you guys remember the likes of Nollywood’s
Clem Ohameze, Suzan Patrick, Yemi Awomodu, Sandra achums, Zack Orji, Eucharia
Anobi, Saint Obi, Kanayo Okanayo, Daddy Showkey, Regina askia, Opeyemi
Ayeola…please where are they?
 My movie review for this week
is…Nollywood itself! #ProjectNollywood
With the likes of Phone Swap, Two brides and a baby,
Figurine, Mr and Mrs, Tango with me, Damage and many more, it can now be said
that the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) is starting to thrive well.
Though it’s not like the movies are
that superb, but Nollywood has really improved!

Unlike before when one could easily
guess the ending of the movie just from the movie title, the very recent
movies (especially those shown in the theatres) are suspense filled and
great. All thanks to the Movie makers that are now emphasizing quality
over quantity.

According to Afolayan in this
interview, “most of the films that were chunked out then seemed to be filled
with the same kind of people, same kind of story, recycling, just like
Hollywood…but people want change, they want to see something different”
 Also,  it is not just about producing a fiifty
thousand movie, giving people that change they want to see is all about
producing ‘high quality films and not just quanity’.
For instance, Kunle Afolayan’s Phone
Swap which was partially sponsored by Glo and Rim services (blackberry) was
shot for 400,000 dollars.
Although the cost on producing high
quality movies keeps rising by the day, it has been revealed that the profit made that the filmmakers make at the end of the day is relatively low.
Nollywood is estimated to be worth 250 milion dollars, compare that to
Hollywood which makes over 10 billion dollars in a year. The reason is because,
most of Nollywood movies are distributed in DVDs which can be easily pirated
and sell for less than 2dollar per film. Oh yeah, Nigeria needs more movie
Global distribution according to
Afolayan is the key for high quality Nollywood’s movies like Phone Swap to go
main stream, beyond African shores. “we need dedicated marketers” Nollywood
should tell stories with universal appeal so that regafdless of the cultural
background involved, so that anyone regardless of culture can be able to relate
with the story.
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