My first heartcry to my readers…

Consistency is the key…yeah,
yeah I have heard that phrase a number of times and the truth is,
that is what
keeps me going but right now, I am discouraged! The reason for
my ‘discouragement’
is all because of you (my adorable readers)!!
 Fine, I promised myself that I was never going
to do this but the more I keep it to me,
the more it hurts. I enjoy blogging,
giving you (my readers) the very best of the
best information, stories and entertainment
yet you guys make me feel like
‘Durr, you are in a world of your own, no one
reads your blog’.
 I know KFB is a new blog and I am
impressed with the visitors I get daily…
sometimes I am overwhelmed
at the traffick I get in a day but come on,
why do you guys find it
difficult to pass a comment.
Yeah, I used to say ‘there’s no
big deal in commenting, as long as they are
read your posts’ but now, I see a
big deal in it. If only I could get at least
10% of the actual visitors I get
daily to comment on the posts they read,
it would really, really and really
make my day.  You don’t have to be
feel free to pass any comment; tell me how you feel about my posts,  
no one is going to arrest you after all it’s
a free world!
 Thank you all for always being there!

My fight with Omotola Jalade – Charles Novia (November productions)

For some time now,  Omotola Jalade and movie maker, Charles Novia have been at loggerheads and that is probably why we rarely get to see her act in the movies produced by Charles Novia.

Charles Novia is the brain behind 'November productions'. Some of his popular works include: Dangerous twins, Madam Dearest, Family on fire, A christmas passion, the chief bridesmaid and so many others.
Charles has poetically revealed the secret behind his fight with Omotola Jolade-Ekeinde. He revealed it in his new book ‘Nollywood Till November’ where he said "Since this is a ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ book and since
I am generally known to be outspoken, I believe I have to reveal a bit
of this, not in any way to disparage her person but to be candid in my


Photo (Color blocking): Mother versus Daughter…Who rocked it better?

Awww, check out this color combo, you like? Check out the little girl's pink combo and her mum's orange green combo, it's so nice! Don't they just look great together?


Lady Gaga Shaves Her Head: Weird?!

Gagalicious singer, Lady Gaga has done it again! We are used to all the weird stunts she often pulls out but the latest of all is the fact that she shaved the
underside of her head to support the passing of friend Terry Richardson’s
 Lady Gaga, 26, tweeted a picture of her brown hair
pulled into a high bun with a shaved chunk beneath. She posted the pic via
Twitter along with the caption, ‘I did it for u Terry. I’m sorry about ure
mommy. She has princess die, but were all princess high.’
The caption also
makes a reference to her song, Princess D.I.E,...

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