Rekindled love affair? Goldie spotted in Kenya cuddling Prezzo

 Goldie and Prezzo began their love affair at the Big Brother Africa House star game 
and parted ways. 
Well, Goldie and Prezzo have been spotted Channel O news launch in Kenya, 
cuddling each other! 
Goldie and Prezzo
picture was posted by Goldie and deleted almost immediately, but trust fans, 
they got hold of it even though the face of Prezzo wasn`t showing. 
According to Lucia Leoso, “We can
authoritatively confirm to you that this is Prezzo…
 First class Amebo sources have also informed
us that Prezzo`s visit to Nigeria was
Goldie`s idea…” and probably a stunt
on the Nigerian media.
really don’t understand the on-going love game between Goldie and Kenyan Prezzo! 
Do you?



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