For the Single guys, tips on how to find a Wifey…

 Let’s not pretend that men don’t
find women…but after they have finished playing and want to settle down,
they start to look for wifey material. So being the saint that I am and since I
am sick of reading “Tips on how to find a man” or “Why you are not married yet?” etc etc, i have decided to help you guys out. What are
my credentials? Well, i’m not married, neither am i a rapper or a divorcee, but I would like to consider myself “wifey material”. Yes, i said it.
Thank you very much. Now, shut up and read.
  1. You must know how
    to cook! Any man that doesn’t know how to cook is a liability. Plain and
    simple. Some guys don’t even know how to boil rice, even if it’s noodles,
    you should be able to feed yourself. It’s both for you own good and the
    good of the marriage. 
  2. Know what you
    want, say what you want and mean what you say. Why does the chic always
    have to ask, “So where is this going?”  Be clear about your
    purpose and stop playing chics.
  3. Don’t be an
    arrogant jerk. 9 times out of 10, you are probably not God’s gift to
    women, so no need to act like one.
  4. Be ambitious.
    Complacence and mediocrity are unattractive.
  5. Stop looking for
    virgins. You have done your fair share of depopulating the earth of
    virgins, so why do you now want to marry one.
  6. It’s okay to
    still party and go clubbing once in a while but that should not be your
    weekly tonic. Dem dey grow pass something.
  7. Gender roles
    exist, I know. I would get rid of them if I could. Don’t be that guy who
    thinks because he is a man he can’t lift a finger to help out around the
    house. Una no dey forbid to change diapers, get up in d night to help with
    the baby or  do dishes. Women are not machines.
  8. Have something in
    that pangolo you call your head. Be able to carry on an intellectual
    conversation that doesn’t revolve around sex, especially if you just met
    the girl.
  9. After a certain
    age, you should not be having roommates, especially if you all have the
    reputation of being players. It lets us know you are still growing up. You
    never ready.

All thanks to Madame Sting.
So guys, what do you think of these tips? True or False, additions and subtractions…spill it all on the comments floor *wink*


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