Common Hair Styles for Nigerian School Girls

Common Hair Styles for Nigerian School Girls

Growing up in Lagos,
one of my not-so-fond memories (especially during my primary school years) was
going to the market on weekends, to get my hair braided in preparation for
school the following week. My sister and I had to go through this ordeal week
after week till we were through with primary and secondary school… I decided to compile a list of
hair styles that are common amongst school girls. Of course, you had to do
these hair styles WITHOUT any attachments, i.e. hair extensions. (I
might compile a similar list for boys later on, but so far, the only entries I
have are “Tyson” and “Gorimapa”

1.      All
back (Corn Rows
): It
is called Kolese in Yoruba and I daresay it is the most popular
hair style amongst school girls.  If your hair braider cannot plait ‘all
back,’ then what can she plait? It could start from the very edge of the
hairline (like Ghana weaving) or with a little (sometimes, a LOT) of
“brushing” from the hairline downwards.  I heard that in some
schools, only senior girls were allowed to put “brushing” in their
hair.  True or False?

 2. Patewo
teh-woh) Patewo
means ‘Clap your hands’ in Yoruba and that pretty much describes the hair style
See more after the cut

 3. Suuku: I think
everybody’s grandmother (in the village or city) and their mother must have
done this hair style or some variation of it.  I almost put up my
secondary school picture with me ‘rocking’ this hairstyle, but then; I wouldn’t
be anonymous again, would I? *wink*

 4.  Koroba: I guess this hair style was
designed to resemble an overturned (upside down) pot.  See any
similarities? *Variation: Orisabunmi (Suku + Koroba)

 5. Puffpuff: No,
not the snack, but the hair style.  I am not even sure this is the proper
name (Feel free to correct me), but this is what I remember calling it.
 Of course, thread (black rubber thread or black cloth/fabric thread) is
used to create this hair style.  If you know the proper name or an
alternative name for this hair style, please share it in the comment section

 6.  Kiko
(hair styles made with thread)
: I
am not familiar with the specific names of these hair styles, but they all have
one thing in common: thread is used to create them, instead of the typical
braiding or plaiting.

The following did NOT make the list because I could not find pictures to
back them up:

  • Police Cap
  • Panumo
  • Ojompeti 
  • Ipako Elede

What other hair style(s) would you have
included? What was your favorite hair style in school? Mine was “all

Credit goes to the Relentlessbuilder


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