Best Man Loses Bride’s Wedding Ring At Altar

Wonders shall never end! While surfing around for news, I found this and it got me giggling at first. Lolz, if it had happened at a Nigerian wedding, the first response from
people would have been “Aye N se yin”, that is, ‘Supernatural forces are
working against you”! Seriously, why would you lose the wedding ring,
use your mother in law’s wedding ring and then find the ring hours after the wedding, weird right?!

You see, a beautiful wedding moment was halted recently, after the best man lost the bride’s wedding band/ring at the altar.

Forgetting the rings is the nightmare scenario for any best man.
So when Matt Aubrey (Bestman) reached into his pocket at his brother’s wedding and both were there, he thought he was home and dry. But as the service began a small ‘ping’ rang out through the church as he dropped one of them.
His brother Lewis, 31, and the bride Elizabeth Gray, 29, stopped the service as they tried to find it.
“We thought we would find it quickly and get on with the ceremony.” they said in an interview with

Search for the ring

Well, the more time that went by, the more people came from the congregation
to look. There were ushers lying on the floor, people lifting up
“We had all the grates in the church floor up. By the end we probably had about 20 people looking.’’ the groom said

After ten minutes of frantic hunting, Elizabeth’s mother offered the use of her ring so the couple could get married.
After the service, guests continued the search but to no avail.
the vicar, the Reverend Nicholas Calver, returned to the church in the
evening to search for another two hours, he spotted a tiny crack between
the step up to the altar and the floor.
He got a spade to lever the gap wider, shone a torch down… and saw the ring.
vicar said: ‘I took it down to the reception and the best man was
standing outside. I poked him in the ribs and said, “You owe me a
drink”. He was overjoyed.
‘We went in and the groom put the ring
on the bride’s finger and I did the little bit about “Take this ring” in
front of everybody.’
Miss Love added: ‘I have never heard a noise like it. The whole place erupted. The vicar was like a hero.

Tireni Adebayo

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