0h God!: Meet the Man who saw God face-2-face, spoke with him and fought for him

My movie review for this week is a throwback…
Have you seen the Movie, ‘Oh God’ well, I wouldn’t
be surprised if you haven’t. It’s way back out of the movies of this age but
the good thing about it is the fact that it is a movie with an ‘ageless theme’.
You see, I wasn’t born as at the time this movie was
produced, as a matter of fact, my parents had not found each other; my mum was probably
still in secondary school (lolz) while my dad was …actually I really don’t know
what dad was doing then but ‘Oh God’ was released in 1977.
I was searching for a particular movie that also had
‘God’ in its title when I stumbled on Oh God! I previewed the movie trailer
(it’s not that exciting), searched for the movie itself, downloaded it and watched
it some nights ago.
You are probably starting to wonder why I would
settle for such an old movie but the truth is, the very first scene of movie
was strong enough to capture my attention. It lured me into watching on to the
next scene, and then the next scene and the next …till the last scene.
‘Oh God’ tells the story of an average man (Jerry) who
encounters God in the most incredible manner. It starts with his wife handing
him the junk letters she got for him from his mail and while going through the letters
he finds one that reads “God grants you an interview…Los Angeles, CA Room 2700
tomorrow at 11am”Of course, anyone that finds such a letter at first
would see it as a joke so he didn’t take it serious. The next day, things turn
out more complicated and thus, the advancement of the plot.

During his first meeting with God, all he hears is
an indescribable voice…I love the fact that the we (audience) were kept in the
dark on wondering whose voice it was, but as the movie unfolds, God appears to
him in form of an old man.

Jerry asks God “If you are actually God, why is your
voice like everyone else’s?” and God replied with “I am talking to you in a way
you can accept…If I appear to you just as I really am and what I really am,
your mind couldn’t grasp it”
God after performing a few miracles to make Jerry
believe in him, instructs Jerry to go and preach his message to the world and
tell people that he (God) truly exists…
Just like the Biblical Moses, he grumbles and tries
to look for a way out saying “Why me, I am not a believer …I am not religious,
I do not belong to any church, how am I supposed to make people believe?”
Now Jerry is faced with the huge task of delivering
God’s message to the world but how is he going to do that? First no one
believes his story of having met God and talking with God, two, his wife
doesn’t even believe him and as scenes roll by his children start to avoid him
because they think he is having mental problems.
Now the question is, will Jerry be able to carry out
God’s assignment despite all the many obstacles?
The worst obstacle is when God tells him to
challenge a well-known international Pastor and big trouble sets in.
One thing I love about Oh God is the truthfulness in
the movie and the reality involved. The acts and scenes were perfect.
Oh God! was written by Avery Corman and Larry
Gelbart while Carl Deiner was the director. The major cast in the movie
comprises John Denver, George Burns and Terri Garr.
PS: George Burns & John Denver are both late now…a fan allegedly said they are both in heaven smiling and reminising about the fun they had doing this one (Oh God)…’
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