Woman burns 9-year-old house girl with electric iron

When little Chinenye Emeka, a nine-year old girl from
Ebonyi State left her parents’ house to Iyiowa Odekpe in Ogbaru Local
Government Area of Anambra State. The poor parents had thought that their child
was going to work and earn some money.
 Little did
they know that the little girl would be brought back home with her two buttocks
fried with hot electric pressing iron by her guardian, Mrs. Ifechukwu Akabekwa.

Ifechukwu Akabekwa, of Abazuonu Street in Iyi-Owa Odekpe, inflicted the bodily
injuries on Chinenye. Her offence? The girl used the sum of N1, 000 given to
her by a philanthropist to pay her school fees without the permission of her

started for the victim when her guardian refused to pay her school fees, saying
the girl had not been able to raise the fees from the little things she hawked
in the market. A philanthropist noticed that she had not been attending school
while the children of her madam were always in school and offered to pay the
N1, 000 school fees.
infuriated the woman as she allegedly reached for a hot electric iron, and with
it, burnt the girl’s buttocks and private parts. The suspect, a mother of
three, had allegedly been maltreating the girl, subjecting her to different
ordeals on a daily basis, including forcing her to hawk along the major road of
Atani during school hours.
Akabekwa has
been arrested by the policemen of  Iyiowa
Police Station, following complaints by her neighbours over the recent cruelty
she meted to her house-help.

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Bride ‘stabs groom’ hours before wedding

A bride-to-be has been charged with murder after allegedly
stabbing her fiance just hours before the couple's wedding was to start
near Whitehall, Pa.

The bride

 The Pennsylvania couple Na Cola Darcel Franklin, 31, and
her fiance Billy Rafael Brewster, 36, were planning to tie the knot at
10 a.m, but at some point during the night, Franklin and Brewster began

In the heat of the argument, Franklin allegedly stabbed Brewster twice with a kitchen knife, police said.
police arrived at the apartment, shortly after 2 a.m., they found
Brewster bleeding from chest wounds on the second floor landing.

2012 WAEC Result is now out

Yeah, I know that feeling, that jittery feeling of “what if my
result doesn’t turn out as I wanted” “what if…what if…what if?” yea, I know but
don’t worry, you would come out well (
that is if you prepared well for the exams sha)
There are reports that the 2012 WAEC results have been released, of
course it has been released and you can now check your results via the WAEC results portal.

Here is a quick Breakdown of the 2012 WAEC Statistics…
Out of the total number of candidates, which totalled up 1,545,004
candidates that registered for the 2012 WAEC examination, representing 8.90 %
of the population who sat for the WAEC examination, have their results fully

Man born without limbs (arms or legs) gets married !!!

Nick Vujicic's name has been in the news many
times. We know him as the "limbless man" because he was born without any
arms or legs.

Now Vujicic, 29, is in the news again. However, this time his name is in the news for a different reason.

Evangelist Nick Vujicic has gotten married and he and his new wife honeymooned in Hawaii.
The Christian Post reports that the inspirational speaker and author of
Life Without Limbs tweeted a message of praise just before leaving for
his honeymoon:
It was said that he placed the wedding band on his wife's finger
himself while she placed a ring-bearing necklace around his neck.

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