What?! This man hasn’t had his bath in 38 Years


Kailash Singh is a 66-year-old man from India and he hasn’t taken a
bath in over 38 years, and says he’s happier than a lot of people who
wash their bodies every day. Can you believe that?

Kailash said he took the decision in 1974 shortly after he got
married, hoping this would help him have a son. He claims it was priest
who guaranteed him a prized son if he followed his advice not to wash or
cut his hair. Now, over 38 years later, Kailash Singh is probably the
world’s smelliest man, has 6-foot-long dirty dreadlocks and is father to
seven daughters and not a single son.
Despite having been failed by his religious guidance, the old man
still doesn’t want to wash his body, and says only a son could change
his mind. Although stranger things have happened, fathering a son at 66,
with a 60-year-old woman is very unlikely.
Nawa oh!

Source: kemifilani.ng


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