UK to ban Nigerian Mothers from delivering abroad


Well, truth be told, the major reason why most Nigerian mothers travel to the UK to deliver their baby is because they want the child to become a UK citizen.  

 Anyways, the United Kingdom has said it will no longer tolerate abuse of its
National Health Service, NHS, by Nigerian visitors after a Nigerian
woman reportedly flew to the UK to have her baby in a British hospital.

The Nigerian woman, Bimbo Ayelabola, was alleged to have received
treatment totalling £10,000 but returned to the country after having had
her child without paying anything.

 Ayelabola, 33,  reportedly took a fertility
drug (Clomid) overdose in order to aid conception after losing her very
first pregnancy. As soon as she found out she was pregnant, the woman
allegedly relocated to the UK to be able to take the needed rest outside
of the hustling and bustling of Lagos.
In UK, she underwent a
scan which revealed she was expecting 4 babies in the first instance
before it was discovered later during the baby delivery that there was a
5th baby. Hence, she was put on an emergency National Health Scheme,
NHS, programme which as at July last year, had depleted the scheme’s
purse to the tune of £200,000 ($320,000).
The heavily pregnant
woman was said to have travelled from Lagos to Manchester because she
was concerned about the standard of treatment she would receive in 
Nigeria. After being discharged, she was asked to pay but she left without paying.
Nawa for some Naija women sef…



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