Six ways to spice up a boring relationship

Boredom! It’s one
of the most dangerous things that can happen to 

a relationship. 
Boredom is a
threat to your relationship because it’s often the 

root of other issues.
If you recognize that your
relationship could use a boost, what do you do? 
Here are six ways to spice up
a boring relationship and keep it hot.

Know your partner’s love language: Knowing your partner’s love language is fundamental 
in a relationship because while you can love someone with every fibre in your
unless you are conveying that love in a way they can understand it, 
they’ll never truly feel loved (and desired).

Do new things together: You guys should
learn to do new things, change your 
normal everyday routine life. These
activities include everything from trying 
new restaurants, taking up a new
hobby or traveling to a destination you have never 
been together. 
“Don’t start something you are not willing to maintain” 
Committed relationships
require something I like to call “stick-to-itiveness.” 
When you think back to the beginning of the relationship, there were dates, 
flowers, appreciation, compliments, sweet gestures and messages. 
I’m talking
about all types of touching – hand holding, hugging, caressing 
and cuddling, as
well as more intimate touch and the likes.
Be full
of Surprises
Don’t you love the look on a loved one’s face when you’ve 
presented them with
something unexpected and kind? There’s often more
enjoyment for you than for
the person on the receiving end. 
An unexpected gesture or gift is always
welcome as long as it is something 
you know your partner will be interested in
(which underscores 
the importance of listening to them to determine their
look your best
I’ll never forget what a co-worker told me a few days 
back about why she works
out so vigorously: “I’m keeping’ it sexy for my man.” 
Attraction often times
grows throughout the course of a relationship, but looking 
your best physically
is a great way to maintain the desire that was present in 
the early days of
your relationship. Plus, when you feel good about the way you look,
confidence will be irresistible!
more time for each other
: Spending lots of time together is key to
a relationship, but there is such thing as too much of a good
Allow yourself and your partner time away to rejuvenate for the sake of
the individual and 
the relationship.

Happy Loving…

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