Shocking: Chris Okotie really loved Stephanie

Well, there are certain hidden facts
that we never knew about Chris Okotie and his wife and here they go:
Stephanie had lived with two
different men before marrying Okotie. Her first love died after she became
pregnant for him (that’s who she had her first child for). The second man, Mazi
Okechukwu (Okey) used and dumped her.
According to Encomium weekly, “Stephanie didn’t know that Okey was a fraud, he didn’t tell her that he was married.The day she found out the truth,
she literally fainted,”
 It was in-between this affair that produced two sons (one for Okey and the other for the ‘first man’) that
Rev. Okotie, who had been admiring Stephanie from a distance started walking
into her life.

From what I gathered from Encomium Weekly, Okotie staked his reputation, and
risked his life to have Stephanie.
He really loved Stephanie. There was
nothing he wouldn’t do for her. Okotie had cause to jump a fence for the sake
of this love
(did he actually do
…he was attacked physically on several occasions all for Stephanie…this
same Okey that smashed Okotie’s windscreen and all that. He, however, had to
give up when it was obvious that Chris
wasn’t ready to let go of Stephanie
So why should Chris Okotie’s love for Stephanie die like that?
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