Photo of the day: Fried Rice and Chicken

Would you eat this lovely meal if offered to you by a friend or a host of yours? Or you just ordered Fried Rice and Chiken from a fast food
joint and they deliver this to your doorstep. What would you do?
You get
what you ask for…it’s still fried rice and chicken. *lol*

 Seriously, if you were served this, would you eat it? It looks scary sha…like some sort of sacrifice!

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Pastor Adeboye debunks the “Red Wears” rumour

There is this rumour all over the social media as well as broadcasts on
Blackberry Messenger about the dresscode for the on-going RCCG convention. You might have seen it too. The message

It was just pass
across that we should not put on red dress tomorrow or anything that contain
red, either shoe, shirt, trousers, pant, skirt, glasses, head warmer, boxers,
cap, e.t.c. They will not use our blood to redeem Nigeria. It is truth ooo!
Please, re-broadcast this to save others

Even from the poor construction and grammatical errors in the text, you
could tell it’s not from a reliable source or has been corrupted in
transmission. The message was credited to Pastor E. A. Adeboye of the
Redeem Christian Church of God but Pastor Adeboye has come out on social
media to...


SSS and El Rufai act ‘drama’ at Murtala Muhammed Airport


Hehehe! What is going on. First, it was Lawan Farouk that was banned from travelling last night, now it is Nasir El Rufai. 

The men of the State Security Service, arrested the former Minister of the FCT, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai at the Lagos Airport this morning and kept him waiting for a while. Rufai made this known via his twitter handle. The drama went thus:
 Rufai arrived at the airport but he was stopped by the SSS (for no just cause)…a little argument (most likely) ensued between them which made the SSS threaten Rufai with "…the SSS at Lagos Airport tell me they have orders to detain me &
prevent me from traveling, d waiting game starts." El Rufai tweeted.

 After a while, the "SSS oga" asked for Rufai's boarding pass, returned his passport and...


Wizkid denies insulting D’banj, calls Nigeria Media a “bunch of fools”

 Few days ago, news went viral about one of
Wiz kid’s tweets. The controversial
tweet read, "Baby (D'Banj), when
are you going to sing with Kanye now? I hate the way he (Kanye) is using you as
Akpan. See P-Square chilling with Rick Ross. Haba!”

Well, there are reports that the controversial tweet came from a parody account of
Wizkid. The said twitter handle was created on May 3, 2012. The tweet has
already been deleted from the account.
But here’s the ‘best’ part…disturbed by the mixed reactions the tweet has
generated, Wizkid got hard on the Nigerian media, OK Nigeria specifically. 

new entrant into the Nigerian media terrain tweeted about it...

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