Pastor Bakare blasts Patience Jonathan

Latter Rain Assembly’s Pastor Tunde Bakare on Sunday, during his sermon titled “Personal Insecurity/Inferiority Aborts Your
Destiny (Part 1)”, described Mrs Jonathan as suffering from a psyche of characteristic
. (Well, even she gets to see this, she wouldn’t understand what it means…hehehehe)

The activist pastor, who was a vice presidential candidate
to General Muhammad Buhari (ret.), asserted that Mrs. Jonathan’s
background as a stark pauper caused her to seek “aggressive

 “Now I know why Jonathan’s wife has become Permanent Secretary; they
are preparing her for the position of the Prime Minister of Niger Delta
Republic,” he added. (3-0)

He condemned the desperation with which
Mrs. Jonathan seeks to be the head of all Africa’s First Ladies, a
permanent secretary in Bayelsa State, as well as her possible greed for
political power in a prospective Niger Delta Republic.

 “Within ten years from when he was working among the marine animals,
[Mr. Jonathan] was appointed to become deputy governor, and then became
acting governor. Without even thinking about it, he was appointed as
vice presidential candidate and, by doctrine of necessity, he became
acting president. Before he could study how to act, God factor made him
President. Now, he has not even performed in 2011/2012, he is planning
for 2015. His middle name is Jeroboam!
” said Mr. Bakare. 
I wonder what they would do to Bakare this time!

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Nigerian Girls Rock – Deitrick Haddon

am so feeling cool with myself…I am proudly a Nigerian girl.
his ministration in Abuja with Sammie Okposo on Saturday, Deitrick Haddon (who hails from Detroit, Michigan) tweeted "Nigerian Girls rock". He will visit Lagos and Port- Hacourt soon!

Photo: Man weds three wives in church

Hehehehe! While some Nigerians pastors are blessing and ordaining thieves in the
Church, buying fleets of cars, jets and building empires, Zairean
pastors are doing as well, blessing as many as three women to one man.

The good thing is that they all quote from same bible.


Girls are my retirement benefit – Frank Edoho

 Who says that a girl-child is not important after all, even notable Nigerians agree that they are!

The popular MTN 'who wants to be a millionaire' show anchor, Frank Edoho has said that "Girls are my retirement benefit".
In the latest broadcast of the show (August 3, 2012), Frank Edoho (father of three -2 girls and a boy) while addressing one of the contestants, said "...I dislike guys who often mistreat their wives for giving birth to girls" (Yayy)

Frank further said "I love my girls...Girls are more likely to come back to say daddy, daddy, daddy I miss you or check on daddy even after they get married...Boys rarely do that, once they are 18, they...

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