Notice! Save your life by abiding by these rules…

 This message was forwarded to me by a friend and it affects us all, so I decided to share it.
“The United States has found ‘this’ new cancer in human beings caused by Silver Nitro Oxide. Whenever you buy recharge cards, don’t scratch with nails as it contains Silver Nitro Oxide coating and can cause skin cancer.
Also, always answer phonecalls with the left ear and stop taking medicine with cold water, plus, don’t lie down immediately after taking medicine.
Don’t eat heavy meals after 5pm and drink more water in the morning n less at night.
When your phone battery is low to the last bar..don’t answer calls, cos the radiation is 1000 times stronger!!! take heed n tell others!
Him that has an ear, let him hear…

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SSS embarrass Farouk Lawan at Airport

suspended Chairman of the House of Representatives Ad Hoc Committee on the
Monitoring of the Fuel Subsidy regime, Hon. Farouk Lawan, was Tuesday night
barred from travelling out of the country at the Murtala Muhammed International
Airport, Lagos.
Lawan, was scheduled to board an Emirates Airline flight en
route to Saudi Arabia to perform the lesser Hajj when he was stopped by
operatives of the State Security Service (SSS) at the airport and prevented
from leaving the country.

 Local media report that Lawan was very embarrassed when he was informed by the
SSS that he would not be...


Photo of the day: Cutest Baby!

I found this picture and decided to share it...she is so cute! Check out her hair too...Truth be told, I was kinda cute when I was a baby, but I wasn't this cute *winks*


Charley Boy turns Preacher in Church…says there is a Linda in him

You must have all seen the photo of Charley boy (where he posed naked) that has been trending all over the social media. 

The photo generated lots of
criticisms from Nigerians, though some faithful fans argued that it was photo-shopped. Well, Charley Boy has
openly admitted that it wasn’t photo-shopped

In a visit to one of the new generation
churches in Abuja on Sunday, he said,

“I came to pray and to share my experiences with you, most
important I came to pray that God should forgive us-Nigerians, our sins for all
we have done…I have three personalities…Charly boy,...

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