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Nigerians versus Nigeria: Who still loves Naija!

Everyweek, I share the most interesting trending topic on twitter…last week’s was on Nollywood 
This week’s trending topic/discussion is on Nigeria and trust me, it’s big fun.
The discussion which started yesterday (August 7, 2012) but started trending globally today, was thrown open by social activist Japheth Omojuwa.

Japheth Omojuwa

The platform (#whyILoveNigeria)
gave participants the opportunity to voice out their perception(s) on the many ills and wrongs in Nigeria.
Of course, I got to have my laugh as usual and that’s why I decided to share some of the submissions with you (my amazing readers). 
Nigerians love Naija (Nigeria) because:
1.  It’s the only country where the musicians are more than the fans (lolz, almost everybody is a musician today)
2.  U don’t need to go to a driving school before you get your driver’s license (All u need do z to bribe d officials on duty n ta-da, there you go)
3. It’s d only country u can watch 20 movies packaged in 1 disk for #100 (Ibo boys in action)

 4.  It’s the only country where police and agbero do the same work (Gbam)

5.  It’s the only country in the whole world that having 24hrs electricity scares the daylight out of you.
6.  A Yoruba woman’s insults can make a grown man cry…even if he has no idea of wot she is saying
7. It’s the only country where you get to commit any crime n get away wt it easily (the likes of Otedola, Lawan, Oteh, Bankole…lolz)
8.  It’s the only country where a person who studied Chemical Engineering ends up being d Minister Of Commerce
9. It’s the only country where the first lady is also a permanent secretary
There is more, plus the discussion is still going on, so you can participate via here
Well, it’s all been said…all the problems we are facing in Nigeria today have been pointed out except that, no solutions were recommended. Platforms like #HowToChangeNaija and the likes should be thrown open so that Nigerians can discuss/argue out how to move Nigeria forward *winks*

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