MFM females will no longer wear trousers – Dr. Olukoya

 Female members of the Mountain of fire ministries have been banned from wearing trousers.
In a live broadcast today, Dr. Olukoya, who is the General Overseer of the Mountain of fire Ministries,  warned “that it is either you obey or move to another church
that allow trousers”.

 He lamented the high increase
of ladies wearing trousers to church and warned that they will not allow
any lady that does not cover her hair or wears trousers into church


Jim Iyke blasts Linda Ikeji over picture on Twitter

The contorversial photo

In case you have not heard, Jim Iyke (Nollywood actor) and Linda Ikeji (blogger) may not be friends again, following the 'little' quarrel that ensued btween them on twitter. It
all started when a Blogger, Laila Ikeji (not Linda Ikeji) stumbled on Jim
Iyke Picture via his twitter page and published it on her blog. In the picture,
Jim Iyke was eating corn in Amsterdam.
The post made a front page
in Nairaland, and due to the popularity of the post, it was retweeted
and thus aroused the attention of Jim Iyke.
Jim Iyke, seeing the name 'Ikeji' did not verify...


Ken weds Barbie in Yoruba-Naija style

 I was minding my business on the
social media a few days ago when I saw this image above.
I was like, who is
this fierce groom, then I saw the title, Black Barbie and Ken's
Nigerian Wedding. 
Of course I had to check it out. I was blown away by the full
set of pictures and decided to share it.
Get the hair done first
It was all photographed by Obi
Nwokedi, a London based photographer...

Woman gives all her 15 children the same name

A mum, Brazilian Erotides Brandao, made the task of
raising 15 children harder – by giving them the same name. Brazilian  promised to name her first baby after husband Walter.
 In all, the couple, from
Paraiba, North East Brazil, had nine daughters and six sons:
Walterlucia, Walterlivia, Walterlenia, Walterlonia, Walterlacia,
Walterluzia, Walterluana, Walterangelina, Waltersilviana, Walteremanuel,
Walterluis, Walteroliver, Waltermarcelo, Walterlicinio and
They also have 33 grandchildren who are all called Walter, after it was decided to continue the tradition.
Erotides, 88, whose
husband Walter died in 2003 aged 81, told Brazil’s Globo G1 website: “He
asked to put his name on all of our children.
“I didn’t know so many would come, but we never knew how to say no to each...

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