Love letter from a Nigerian girl…

Hehehehehe…I found this incredible hilarious letter and decided to share it…who is the ignoramus that wrote this?

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11 year old Girl suffering from Down-Syndrome to be killed for defiling the Quran

An eleven-year-old Christian girl in Pakistan who was accused of
defiling the Quoran is currently facing a death penalty

girl is believed to be suffering from Down’s Syndrome and there is no
proof that she committed the alleged crime. Her ordeal started when she
was accused by a Muslim of having a bag of ashes believed to be burnt
pages of the Muslim Holy Book, the Quoran.
Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari
ordered a probe into the arrest of the girl, which took place last
week in a Christian area of the capital Islamabad.
Officials said the girl could
not properly answer police questions after she was held under Pakistan’s
controversial blasphemy law - which carries a...


Dr SID exposes his sex life on Twitter

The micro-blogging site, Twitter, is gradually becoming a mouth piece for most artistes and celebrities. 

  One of such is the Mavin records rapper cum singer,
Sidney Esiri popularly referred to as Dr. Sid. It all began when the entertainer started answering the questions of his 'curious' fans via his twitter handle
@IamDrSID, his answers varied from his relationship with
his father, star actor, Justus Esiri, his favourite colour to his
favourite football club.

However, a fan went a step further by asking if Dr Sid had ever been
involved in a threesome sex and with a terse reply, the singer affirmed it.


It doesn’t matter…

So, with that, I say Goodnight readers! *winks*

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