How to know when your Boss wants to fire you

This is for workers/employees!
employment comes with a process, Dismissal/Sack/Retrenchment also come with its
own process.
Every Employee gets a sign of him going to lose his job but the problem is most
people tend to ignore those signs.

Below are some of the signs EVERY employee should take note of, in a bid to start
preparing for another job before he is given a sack letter.
* Transfer – More often than not, most transfers made to other Department,
Locations, or Regions are always not in the best interest of the employee. While
some transfers are made to carry out financial and management investigation of
your present portfolio, others are done to make room for someone considered to
be more professional and efficient than you to take over your present seat.

* Shift Of Duties – If with no genuine reason(s) your current duties are being
withdrawn from you then I believe it is high time to watch out for the red flag
as all doesn’t seem to be okay.
* Seclusion – whenever your boss starts secluding you from important office
discussions and decision making, there’s is no other major sign you need to
know that there is danger right ahead. A situation where you no longer get office mail alerts of meetings, Conference,
Trainings and Bonuses, there is something wary ahead.
* Accumulated workload – when your Boss starts dumping piles of office work on
your table and gives you impossible deadline to complete it, then you know your
days in that office are numbered.
* Blaming you for other people’s flaws – oh no! Don’t think there’s a miracle
that will make your colleagues start accepting responsibility for their crimes
and flaws once the Boss put the blame on you.
* Compulsory Leave – Not everyone who is placed on a compulsory leave ends up
having their portfolio back, as a matter of fact, most people end up never
* Slash in Salary and Allowances – If for no specific reasons your salary and
allowances are being slashed while your fellow colleagues weren’t affected, you
have a whole lot to be scared about.

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A Chinese teenager has killed eight people and wounded another five in a knife attack in the country’s northeast.

killing spree occurred at about 9 p.m in Yongling township in Xinbin
Manchu autonomous county in the city of Fushun, the Fushun city's
publicity department said in a statement.
The 17-year-old suspect,
a native of Xinfu district in downtown Fushun, stabbed to death two
relatives of his girlfriend after having conflicts with his girlfriend,
an initial investigation showed.
The teenager, surnamed Li, killed another six people and injured five while fleeing the scene, it said.
The killer has been held by police.
A further investigation into the killing is under way...This is really saddening.

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