Check out Naija’s most creative artist…

So, I met this friend of mine (Ayodeji Ayeola) today who is a wonderful and amazing artist. I fell in love with his work of art because they are so beautiful and well designed. Some of his portraits look so real that you will hardly differentiate it
from the real picture.
Ayeola Ayodeji Abiodun
Ayodeji Abiodun is a visual artist (painting, sculpture, graphics, website-design,
animation and multimedia) and a recipient of several awards.
He is a member of the Society of Nigerian Artist (S.N.A) and also a member of Fine
art America online. He is also the President of Nigerian website developers
Association (N.W.D.A).
Check out some of his works:

Diz is my favourite work
Here goes another beautiful work of his

So, if you need to have ‘you’ creatively painted, you can contact Ayo here or +234 7039409847, +234 8052272655


Chris Okotie blasts wife in sermon ”You are a Jezebel…”

According to Encomium magazine, Pastor Okotie has told Christian leaders who went to see him that he will
reveal what his wife did to him to make him end their marriage,
sometime next year. (can't wait to hear it). According to the report, "it is only until next year that Chris Okotie will tell the world what his wife did".
My previous report:
another quick update on the on-going saga between Pastor Chris Okotie and his
wife Stephanie. For a while now, there has not been any media report concerning
the two, however, Pastor Okotie has chosen to pour out his mind on the issue.

Woman burns 9-year-old house girl with electric iron

When little Chinenye Emeka, a nine-year old girl from
Ebonyi State left her parents’ house to Iyiowa Odekpe in Ogbaru Local
Government Area of Anambra State. The poor parents had thought that their child
was going to work and earn some money.
 Little did
they know that the little girl would be brought back home with her two buttocks
fried with hot electric pressing iron by her guardian, Mrs. Ifechukwu Akabekwa.

Ifechukwu Akabekwa, of Abazuonu Street in Iyi-Owa Odekpe, inflicted the bodily
injuries on Chinenye. Her offence? The girl used the sum of N1, 000 given to
her by a philanthropist to pay her school fees without the permission of her


Bride ‘stabs groom’ hours before wedding

A bride-to-be has been charged with murder after allegedly
stabbing her fiance just hours before the couple's wedding was to start
near Whitehall, Pa.

The bride

 The Pennsylvania couple Na Cola Darcel Franklin, 31, and
her fiance Billy Rafael Brewster, 36, were planning to tie the knot at
10 a.m, but at some point during the night, Franklin and Brewster began

In the heat of the argument, Franklin allegedly stabbed Brewster twice with a kitchen knife, police said.
police arrived at the apartment, shortly after 2 a.m., they found
Brewster bleeding from chest wounds on the second floor landing.

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