Bishop encourages congregation to steal, demands Dollars as offerings

Bishop Odulaja
has now become the order of the day among various Nigerian men of God.
Latest among such pastors is the presiding bishop of Prevailing Words Bible
Church, Bishop Kayode Odulaja. Sources alleged that the dark-skinned preacher
is now a regular customer of Forex traders as it has become a habit in his
church for members to make donations in foreign currencies.

The main currency in the church which is located in Ipaja, is now said to be
American dollars. Some church members, now go as far as changing money at
bureaux de change just because they have to give offerings in the church on
Local media report that some church members who are not comfortable with this
have either kept their cool or left the church as the pastor seems to be
enjoying the turn of things in the church.
Bishop Odulaja whose church website leaves a space for those who want to
partner with the church on different project, founded the church in 1995.

The church which
neighbors now call “that snake must die” church is having different programmes,
all intended to draw more people to the church some of which are: Succeeding against
the Odds, This Jericho Wall Must Fall, and many more of such programmes.
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Plane Crash Kills Minister & 31 Others – T.B. Joshua Prediction?

A Sudanese helicopter
carrying a government delegation crashed in a mountainous southern
region on Sunday, killing all 32 people on board including a Cabinet
minister, a former presidential adviser, two generals and a TV crew.
delegation was travelling aboard a chartered helicopter to the volatile
South Kordofan state to attend prayers on the first day of the Muslim
holiday of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the fasting month of
 The helicopter went down "due to
harsh weather conditions" near Talodi, a small town about 650 kilometers
(406 miles) southwest of the capital, Khartoum, state-run news agency

MFM females will no longer wear trousers – Dr. Olukoya

 Female members of the Mountain of fire ministries have been banned from wearing trousers.
In a live broadcast today, Dr. Olukoya, who is the General Overseer of the Mountain of fire Ministries,  warned "that it is either you obey or move to another church
that allow trousers".

 He lamented the high increase
of ladies wearing trousers to church and warned that they will not allow
any lady that does not cover her hair or wears trousers into church


Jim Iyke blasts Linda Ikeji over picture on Twitter

The contorversial photo

In case you have not heard, Jim Iyke (Nollywood actor) and Linda Ikeji (blogger) may not be friends again, following the 'little' quarrel that ensued btween them on twitter. It
all started when a Blogger, Laila Ikeji (not Linda Ikeji) stumbled on Jim
Iyke Picture via his twitter page and published it on her blog. In the picture,
Jim Iyke was eating corn in Amsterdam.
The post made a front page
in Nairaland, and due to the popularity of the post, it was retweeted
and thus aroused the attention of Jim Iyke.
Jim Iyke, seeing the name 'Ikeji' did not verify...

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