Behold Nigeria’s new anthem!

Do you all remember
Ogunyemi Bukola’s (Zebbook)
hilarious story of how Lawmaker Farouk Lawan got into trouble (check  here)? Well, this anthem was also written by him and was first published on

Happy new month my dear readers…and enjoy as you read through the anthem

The Looters’ Anthem
Arise O Lootatriots
The looter’s call obey
To loot our fatherland
With greed and zest and verve
The booties of our looters past
Shall never be recovered
To steal with patience and vigour
One nation ruled by bandits
Crooks and bribe-takers
O God of subsidy
Protect our bribery scams
Guide our looters right

Help our greed the loots to steal

In debts and terrorism we grow
And looting day and night
Fat foreign reserves plundered
To build a nation where luck
And cabals shall reign
I pledge to the umblerra of my
To be greedy, clueless and
To loot Nigeria with all my
To defend our lootitude
And uphold our mansions and
So let us loot


Photo: What is wrong with Akon?

Agreed, it's a statue but something is definitely wrong. Do you guys see what I am seeing?


Photo: CV of the year…HEHEHE!

Let's assume you are in your office, going through some potential C.Vs and then you stumble on this...lolz, what would you do!


Sammy Okposo, Deitrick Haddon to storm Abuja

Come August 4, 2012, there will be a live ministration by Sammie Okposo and Deitrick Haddon in Abuja.

Though details are still sketchy but Sammy Okposo, the host, made the announcement via his twitter handle today (July, 29). I can't wait to be there...

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