Why Kristen Stewart cheated on Rob Pattinson

 The society
is partly to be blamed for what is happening now between Kristen and Rob. After
both acted Twilight Saga, pressure was mounted on them by their fans to become
lovers. At a point a fan opened a facebook page asking other fans to join if
they’re in support of the two becoming lovers.

Rob gradually fell deep in love, I don’t know about Kristen,
maybe she pretended to be in love just because she feels sorry for Rob.

Here is what celebrity relationship expert Dr Gilda Carle has claimed:
  Kristen Stewart’s dangerous
liaison with Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders could have
been an act of self-sabotage.

She told E! News: ‘Kristen doesn’t belong in a committed relationship. She’s 22
years old.
‘She’s been in a committed relationship for 4 years – much too young to making
a commitment. She’s a child.
‘She did this very public thing with director in order to be found out. It was
She said: ‘She did it so she could have an easy way out. But of course it
wasn’t thought through; she’s very immature.

Carle finally said: ‘If Rob takes her back it will be more of the same. 
‘She was playing a role of a girlfriend who claimed that she was committed, but
she wasn’t committed. She just needs to grow up.’
In the meantime, Rob Pattinson has moved out of their (the mansion he shares with Kristen) home. According to GQ, the heart-broken actor, Rob has released an official press statement which reads thus: 
“…I feel so… What’s that feeling where someone is loyal to you and then they’re suddenly not loyal? I feel unloyaled to…I remember when we first met, you know? And I was like, “Hi, I’m Rob.”
And she was like, “Ummm.” And I was like, “Yeah.” And she was like,
“Ummm.” And then I was like, “Ummm.” And she was like, “Yeah.”
You don’t make that kind of connection with someone every day, you
know? So for her to go out and cheat on me with Walt Disney… I don’t
know how to react to that other than…”


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