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When not to go after her!

Today on twitter, the trending discussion was on ‘When-not-to-go-after-her’. As usual, it was an interesting, hilarious and eye-opening discussion. I was able to identify some of the many flaws that guys check out for in ladies, that is, characters that put them off or stop them from proposing to/wooing ladies.

Guys would not go after a lady that:
1. only knows how to cook indomie & boil water” (lol. Simply put ‘if she doesnt know how to cook. why is she even a woman if she cannot cook in the 1st place?)
2. has too much accessories/cosmetics on!
3. only calls at the end of every month to say ‘hi’ just knw *ur salary is at risk*”
4. fights publicly over them, or says “I will kill any lady I see with you, I am the only woman you must always be with” (this is definately an obsession)


5. is constantly partying and always flirting with other guys.
6. says she loves him only when she wants something
7.can’t recite John3:16, simply because she’ll never remember the wedding vows (hehehe#)
8. calls every man her uncle or has too many uncles
9. buys them singlet n boxers on their birthdays yet demands for ipad and iphone on hers
10. has aborted 12 times for 12 different men
11.  here

Source: kemifilani.ng

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