Touching story: Can Nigerian Men do this?

I used to think that it was only in the movies that we have cases where a guy would rather die for his woman (movies like Titanic)…however, an incident in the Colorado shooting story which made news about two weeks ago, has proven me wrong.

The shooting which killed 12 people and left nearly 60 others injured, started when James Holmes, a postgraduate student in the united states visited a cinema in Colorado and opened fire on the people randomly.

However, fresh information from about the killings revealed that
three men jumped on top of their girlfriends as the bullets flew through

Theater Nine at Century Cinemas in Aurora, Colorado during the shooting.
Amidst the chaos, the gunfire and tear gas, these three men thought of the women
they loved and used their bodies to protect them. They threw them to
the floor, under the seats; they held them tight. They held onto their
beautiful women as tight as they possibly could. Lying on top of their bodies in case a bullet came their way.

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The good news is, all three girlfriends survived the killings, (Jansen Young,
Samantha Yowler and Amanda) but the bad news is, all three boyfriends died.
One of the girlfriends, Jansen, had the courage to
recall those last moments, “There was kind of a break in between each
gunshot. Every gunshot, I was like, ‘This is it . . . I’m done for.’ Jon
gave me one good push against that concrete again and then . . . I
didn’t really feel his arms against my back anymore but I knew he was
still there.” When the gunshots went quiet, Jansen realized her
boyfriend was shot. “I started shaking him and saying, ‘Jon, Jon, we
have to go . . . it’s time for us to get out of here.” But he didn’t
move. His breath was gone.
One wonders if a typical Nigerian man would do that for his woman.

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