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Now that I am married…

Aren’t the new breed of singletons lucky? They have Twitter to tell them what to expect when going into marriage. Some didn’t enjoy that priviledge. (Don’t mind me)
Today on twitter, the trending topic was on #NOWTHATUAREMARRIED! That is, what and what are you expected not to do or do, after you get married.
On the social platform, the participants poured out their mind and some of their answers and submissions (though hilarious) got me thinking…so I decided to share it!

Now that you are married, you need to:
1. change your facebook status so some losers can unfriend you! (lolz)
2. stop staring at other ladies asses/stop patronising prostitutes (pay as you go).
3. do away wf ur female bestfrnds,make ur wife ur best frnd,if u can’t,get a MALE bestie for a healthy marriage

4.  stop showing off ur boobs like over- priced water melons no one wants to buy (Gbam#)
5. respect the man in ur life and that’s ur husband even tho u earn 20 times more than him
6.  stop eating Indomies and Snacks for breakfast!
7. Stop Saying my Money, My Car keys etc make it Our Money, Our Car Keys
8. Minimize the time u spend on Social Networks…leave the sites for the singles!
9.  wear your wedding *Ring so as to stop confusing other girls
10. check here

Tireni Adebayo

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