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Meet the man who died, saw heaven/hell, went through hell and…

Pastor Moses Ezekiel of The Heavenly Vision World Evangelical
Ministry who claimed he was in trance in 1987 and visited hell and
heaven has finally revealed what he saw in these two places.

Ezekiel who was a carpenter before turning to Pastor said “I was alone in my room in 1987
when I went into  trance  and visited  heaven and hell. In hell I felt
the heat, its like when you are in Lagos here but feeling the heat from
I saw  a lot of people from different  races , black  and
white  burning and crying .I heard  the voice of a woman crying  and
begging  and pleading  to come  back to the world   to receive Christ
Jesus,  she said her husband caused   her to be where she was  –hell.’’
He further said “In heaven…the  road, houses  and
everything  is gold. I saw many people in white garment
while some had  crowns, stars on their heads. Others were without
crown but wore only white garments  praising God. I saw  Jesus Christ,
He is handsome , huge and beautiful
.He is a tall man. It is not the
picture that we frame on the walls in our parlours that  we call Jesus,
he is different entirely.
Jesus  drew the cloud  aside  and we
were looking at the earth and the world. He said see those  who claim
they  are holy , who said  their names are in the book of life. Men are
wearing  knickers  and punk  hairstyle to church.Women are
putting on wrong things, burning  their head to my house while pastors
quarrel over money and positions. Tell them to change from their ways,
go and preach the salvation’’

Tireni Adebayo

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