Man uses N50 ‘Agege’ bread as bait to behead 7-year-old boy for rituals

A man arrested by the officials of the Department of State Services
(DSS), Joan Yakubu has confessed that he used N50 bread to lure the
seven year-old son (Danjuma) of his neighbour whom he beheaded.

Yakubu said
this after he was arrested by the DSS officials attached to the FCT
command at AYA Asokoro alongside his accomplice Ishaya Dukulung.
to him “I cut off the head of Danjuma after I persuaded him by asking
if he would like to eat bread and he answered yes! So I bought bread for
N50 and gave him and while he was eating, I asked him to go with me to a
nearby river for a swim which did.

 “When we got to the river, I
entered the river while he stayed away. I told him to join me while I
pretended to be washing my feet. I forced the boy to drown before I cut
off the head and left the main body in the river.”

Yakubu said he later concealed the head in a bag and took it to Dakulung before heading to Abuja to meet the buyer.
Assistant Director Operations, Ibrahim Halilu said the suspects were
“arrested at the AYA Junction on July 22 at about 01:30 with fresh human
head of boy of about seven years old who was later identified as Samu
Danjuma from Anguwan Galadima in Nasarawa Local Government, Nasarawa
state. They were arrested while they were looking for a buyer after a

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Eddie Murphy is not Dead!!!

Twitter is notorious for killing some of our favorite stars, and for some reason, Eddie Murphy is one of Twitter's favorite victims.

In the most recent of many false reports, the website Global Associated News, set Twitter ablaze with reports of his death. They wrote:
 “Actor Eddie Murphy is reported to have died shortly after a snowboard accident...”

 Well, it's been confirmed that the actor and comedian is indeed
very much alive and well. Eddie was spotted with his favorite lady Rocsi Diaz at the Jackson Unity Tour this weekend and there were no signs of any such "snowboarding accident."


Hehehe! What is wrong with this Photo?

A Nigerian policeman eating Bread and Beans (I so much love Bread n Beans). Of course, it's a free world, anybody can eat anything, anywhere and at anytime but something is incredibly wrong with this photo...does anyone know?


Goldie apologizes to Nigerians for her ‘shameful’ misconduct in BBA

Following the controversy surrounding her exit from the
Big Brother Africa house,  Bimpe Susan Harvey, popularly known as
Goldie, has
issued a press statement where she apologized to all Nigerians for her
'shameful' misconduct in the Big Brother Star Game house.

The statement reads:
want to tell Nigerians that I am so sorry. I am human just like
everyone. I am an extremely emotional person. Everybody has two sides.
What we entertainers represent on stage is different from who we are off
stage. And I didn’t go into the Big Brother StarGame with any strategy...

went in there as an individual and just to be my real self. And that’s
what Africa saw. I didn’t...

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